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Indiana TRIO Programs

Indiana TRIO is comprised of persons who work to eradicate the educational access gap to higher (post secondary education). Our network of professional educators and advocates work tirelessly to promote college access to first generation, low income, and persons with disabilities. We are a proud chapter member of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA).

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  Program: Classic Upward Bound
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Upward Bound 65 $337,730.00
Upward Bound 130 $649,960.00
Upward Bound 104 $536,141.00
Upward Bound 58 $297,601.00
Upward Bound 62 $321,410.00
Upward Bound 94 $465,036.00
Upward Bound 60 $255,543.00
Upward Bound 60 $297,601.00
Upward Bound 58 $297,601.00
Upward Bound 62 $322,449.00
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